Shapewear Outfits Ideas That are Not Basic

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Did you know you can wear your shapewear as if it was your normal outfit? Yes, there’s a new shapewear trend that allows you to do this. You don’t really have to wear specific shapewear under your clothes, but your clothing has shaping benefits included and you won’t only look stylish but also, you’ll get an amazing hourglass figure.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim, Shapewear Outfits Ideas That are Not Basic

The name of this new trend is wholesale shapewear outerwear. And you can find it in our favorite wholesale shapewear store, Waistdear. There they have a wide range of shapewear outerwear at the best wholesale prices and with the best quality.


Everything you need to know about Waistdear?

Waistdear is a wholesale brand that has a main focus on shapewear and yoga wear. They have been the leading manufacturer and factory in China since 2011. With over 10 years of experience and over 500 workers, they have been able to achieve this. They do business in over 150 countries too.

Their products are not only made with the highest quality but also a whole lot of them are sustainable. Making them a brand that thinks about the planet and taking care of it. As they don’t have a minimum order, even if they are wholesalers, they allow normal customers to buy their products at the best prices.

They also offer the best benefits for those who want to do business with them, with a lot of discounts for bulk buying and services like product customization or drop shipping.

Why should you use shapewear outerwear?

For those, who love wearing shapewear, to show their amazing figures or to get amazing figures, then this option is great, because you won’t need to add that extra shapewear layer to your outfit to achieve it.

Shapewear outwear already has the shaping benefits included on this piece of clothing. You can wear a built-in shaper dress, and won’t need to be wearing shapewear, and a dress, and risking having the shapewear lines showing, which can lead to you feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.


Thankfully, Waistdear has many options to offer you, from leggings and trousers to tops, dresses, bodysuits, jumpsuits, and many others, for you to enjoy the amazing benefits of shapewear without having to wear many layers with it.

Our favorite shapewear outfit ideas

When it comes to combining your shapewear, especially your shapewear outerwear with your normal clothing, we have many ideas that we want to share with you. Using shapewear outwear, makes putting up outfits way easier, than before. You would have to pick a specific shapewear that went well with what you wanted to wear, but not anymore.

When it comes to dresses, you can either pair them with heels or heeled sandals for a more elegant style. You also pair it with a nice blazer, a leather jacket, or a denim one. Always add a nice bag and sunglasses if you are going out during the day.


Another great idea is to pair a bodysuit with either trousers or high-waisted jeans. Once again, a nice pair of heels is great for an elegant look, or sneakers for a more casual one. Once again you can pair it with nice jackets, either leather or denim and if you want to be more elegant, then a cute blazer is the way to go.

If you choose flare pants that are also shapewear outerwear, you can simply pair them with any nice tops or even a bodysuit from the same range. A nice blazer and heels are the way to go with these ones.

Whatever you choose to wear, will depend on whether you want to dress more elegantly or even more casually, but whatever you choose, can go both ways with the right choices.


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